African American Memorial Park

The important history of Haverstraw's African American community is now commemorated at the African American Memorial Park, located at 41 Clinton St.  Haverstraw, NY 10927.  The park features a kiosk with displays about local history and the African diaspora.  The waterfront location creates a tranquil atmosphere and allows visitors to feel at peace with nature as they enjoy the garden and water fountain.

The inlay of bricks in the park are inscribed with the names of local families and Brickyard workers, recognizing their critical contributions to the building of Manhattan and the State of New York.

A display in a kiosk also highlights the birth of Haverstraw's African American churches, as well as the culture, music and arts that were born here.

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"The park will serve as a testament to the faithfulness of our God and acknowledge the strength and contributions of African American people".

Virginia Norfleet


41 Clinton St. Haverstraw, NY, USA

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